Ride For Will

For the people who never had the privilege of knowing William Buechner. We want to introduce you to our brother.

William Buechner was a dedicated Police Officer for 13 years with the Auburn Police Department in Auburn, Alabama. During his time on the force, he responded to over 34,000 calls. The impact he had on the Auburn community literally cannot be measured. He was fatally wounded during a domestic disturbance call on May 19, 2019.

He was a Patched member of the Gunners Law Enforcement Motor Cycle Club (GLEMC). He was driving force behind many fund raisers for charities the Gunners facilitated in the community. There were countless Club events which helped build the Brotherhood that exist today within the Gunners. To the Club he is known as “ATF” (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) his three favorite things. He was known for walking to his own beat and never following the crowd.
Club members have countless stories of “ATF” doing things just a little different.
And most importantly, he was a dedicated and proud father to Henry and Mckenna, and a wonderful husband to his wife Sara. He is missed beyond words and will never be forgotten by any that knew him and the community he protected.
100% of ALL purchases in this category go to Henry, & Mckenna's trust fund. 

Ride For Will

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